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What is Dry Eye Disease

Aging, infections, contact lenses, allergies and lengthy screen time usage can all be the cause of scratchy, gritty sore eyes. The Optase eye care range helps to address the underlying causes as well as provide relief from the symptoms so you can live in comfort again.

Preservative free,
no harsh chemicals

At Optase we know how delicate the surface of the eye can be, that is why all of our products are designed from the ground up to protect them. Every product is preservative and phosphate free, so they can be used whenever symptoms strike, without any worries of further reactions or irritations.

  • Comfort Dry Eye Spray
  • Dry Eye Intense Drops

Our Bestsellers

Below you can view some of our most popular products in the range. All our products are preservative free so that our customers get the relief they need with no troublesome side effects.

Try our Heat, Cleanse, Hydrate Regimen

Build your own HCH regimen as recommended by your eye care Doctor and start your 3 step daily routine to take control of your symptoms with a doctor recommended regimen of products.

Heat, Cleanse, Hydrate Kit

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