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Preservative Free

All our Optase Hydrate and Cleanse products are made to be 100% preservative free. This is essential in order to successfully manage the symptoms of Dry Eye. Studies have show that a prolongued use of eye drops with preservatives can lead to further damage of the ocular surface.

Eye Care Professionals recommend the use of preservative free eye lubricants and sprays which have shown to be more effective than preserved eye drops or ointments in reducing inflammation on the eyes.

Helping patients
form healthy habits

With dry eye being a chronic condition there is no treatment or cure however with discipline it is possible to keep the painful symptoms at bay.

In order to achieve this it is essential to establish daily habits that prioritize the health of your eyes and eyelids. Many of the products in our range can be used in conjunction with each other to form a daily regimen to maximise symptom relief.

To determine which products you should be using as part of your daily regimen it is best that you speak to your Eyecare Doctor to get a recommendation specific to your diagnosis.

Aligned with Medical
Expert Guidelines

For every product in our range we ensure that it aligns to the guidelines for managing Dry Eye symptoms that have been agreed on and published by medical experts in the Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society.

These guidelines are referred to in the eyecare industry as DEWS II and have played a major role in the improvement of dry eye management solutions since first publication in 2017. It is from these guidelines that the importance of establishing a daily eyecare routine with a targeted approach to symptoms became the recommended approach by Doctor’s around the world.