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Optase Dry Eye Products

Our commitment to our customers

We strive to use the latest technology and only the best quality ingredients to provide patients with a complete range of Dry Eye management products that can help tackle the symptoms and give back control to live life their way.

Part of the Scope Health Family

Optase was launched in 2016 in conjunction with eyecare experts as part of the Scope Health Group. Scope is a global Healthcare company with headquarters based in New York, Dublin and London.

We are dedicated to providing high quality, effective and innovative products in both the eyecare and healthcare industries to patients all around the world.

As we look to the future of Dry Eye and Eyecare we continue to develop new products for patients all around the world.

Helpful Resources

We have compiled a list of patient groups, medical societies, websites and online guides that provide information and guides on management of ocular surface diseases which you may find beneficial.

Are these products FDA approved?

Yes for more information click here

What products in the range are FSA/HSA Eligible?

Yes the Optase range is eligible for FSA and HSA expenses claims.

Are these products gluten free and safe for vegans or vegetarians to use?

Yes all products are safe for vegans, vegetarians and people with a allergy to gluten.


Still looking for more information? Try our frequently asked questions section for an overview of the most common topics and answers that patients encounter when starting their eyecare journey to take back control of their symptoms.