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Tailor to your needs for the best results

To get the best results and maximise symptom relief you should work with your Eyecare Doctor to develop a tailored regimen. The intention behind this should be to maximise relief with the right eye drops while also managing the underlying conditions that can contribute to and worsen your dry eye disease diagnosis over time.

Hydrate and protection are the keys to success

In order to live a normal life with control of your symptoms you need to ensure you are providing sufficient hydration and protection for the surface of your eye.

Providing hydration will reduce many of the painful symptoms that make even the most routine daily tasks difficult to carry out.

Protecting the surface of your eye is a vital step to ensure that your vision does not suffer as you grow older which can have significant risks to our health and quality of life.

A 3-step regimen aligned with Eyecare experts recommendations

  • Step 1: Heat

    Applying controlled heat with an eye mask on a daily basis will help to unclog oils in the glands in our eyelids which play a crucial role in the formation of a healthy tear film.

  • Step 2: Cleanse

    Daily cleansing of our eyelids and the lid margin helps ensure that there is no harmful bacteria or debris that would obstruct the formation of a healthy tear film.

  • Step 3: Hydrate

    Eye experts recommend the use of preservative free eye drops and sprays. This helps to hydrate the surface of the eye and restore balance to the tear film.