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OPTASE is excited to partner with ODs on Finance!

We're excited to partner with ODs on Finance!

As you know, dry eye is a growing problem in the US and worldwide.

With over $1 billion in OTC dry eye products sold annually at national retailers in the US, OPTASE® has entered the market with an aggressive wholesale price structure allowing OD practices to increase patient compliance, increase practice revenue, offer the most advanced molecules and delivery systems to patients by stocking products in practice. 

The Member Special Pricing offer with ODs on Finance is 15% offOPTASE® offers you the best pricing on our full line of eyecare products.

Please fill out the following information and the OPTASE® team will be in touch.

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Reasons to partner with OPTASE

Doctor friendly wholesale price structure supporting practice growth with break-even in less than one month
Ability to pay-off capital equipment with OTC product sales
Enhances in-office procedure patient experience
Full line of Optase eyecare products

Part of the Scope Health Family

OPTASE® was launched in 2016 in conjunction with eyecare experts as part of the Scope Health Group. Scope is a global Healthcare company with headquarters based in New York, Dublin, and London.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality, effective, and innovative products in both the eyecare and healthcare industries to patients all around the world. As we look to the future of Dry Eye and Eyecare we continue to develop new products for patients all around the world.

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