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Optase TTO Wipes 2

OPTASE Tea Tree Oil Eyelid Wipes

A gentle and preservative free, Tea Tree Oil lid wipe for daily eyelid cleansing and makeup removal

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OPTASE Intense Drops Box

OPTASE Dry Eye Intense Drops

Provides relief and protection from moderate to severe Dry Eye symptoms.

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Keeping your eyelids and eyelashes clean is important in preventing the worsening of dry eye disease symptoms. Bacteria and other debris can accumulate on the eyelids and eyelashes, leading to inflammation and irritation of the eyes. This can make dry eye symptoms, such as redness, itching, and discomfort, worse. Additionally, the build-up of bacteria can also cause infections, such as blepharitis, which can further aggravate dry eye symptoms. Therefore, it is important to maintain good eyelid and eyelash hygiene by regularly cleaning the area with a gentle cleanser or lid wipes, and avoiding touching the eyes with dirty hands. This can help to prevent the worsening of dry eye symptoms and keep your eyes healthy.

How OPTASE Works

Preservative Free

It is important to use preservative-free products for managing dry eye symptoms because many common preservatives used in eye care products can cause irritation and inflammation of the eyes.

Hyaluronic Acid

A natural component of the human body, found in high concentrations in the skin, eyes, and joints. It is known for its ability to retain moisture, which makes it useful in treating dry eye symptoms.

Natural Ingredients

Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera or Chamomile provide anti-inflammatory and soothing properties to help reduce redness. This makes our products gentle on skin and less likely to cause allergic rection or irritation.

Recommended by Eye care Professionals

Experts recommend the use of a preservative-free lubricant and eyelid cleanser for the management of Dry Eye Disease and related eye conditions diseases such as Blepharitis because they are less likely to cause irritation or inflammation of the eyes. Ocular surface diseases affect the health of the front surface of the eye, which includes the cornea, conjunctiva and eyelids. People with this condition may experience symptoms such as dryness, redness, itching, and discomfort.

Preservatives, like benzalkonium chloride, which are commonly used in multi-dose lubricant eye drops and eyelid cleansers, can cause irritation and inflammation of the eye’s surface, making symptoms of ocular surface disease worse. People with ocular surface disease may be more sensitive to preservatives, and using preservative-free products can help to reduce the risk of further irritation or inflammation. Additionally, preservative-free lubricant eye drops and eyelid cleansers can help to reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

Using a preservative-free lubricant and eyelid cleanser can help to keep the eyes moist, comfortable and clean, which can improve the symptoms of ocular surface disease. It is always important to consult with an optometrist or ophthalmologist before starting any new eye treatment, they will recommend the appropriate products for your individual needs.

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