Cool: OPTASE® Cooling Mask

A simple to use eye mask that delivers 10 minutes of cooling therapy

Optase Cooling Mask

How to use

1. Place the OPTASE® Cooling Mask in a sealed plastic bag and place in the freezer for one hour. 2. Position the OPTASE® Cooling Mask around the head and close eyes for 10 minutes adjusting the strap for comfort. 3. Do not wear the OPTASE® Cooling Mask for longer than 20 minutes.

Always read the label and instructions for use

How it works

  • The OPTASE® Cooling Mask is made with Hydrocool technology which absorbs cold energy. Once cooled for one hour in the freezer, the mask can be applied to the eyes.
Optase Cooling Mask

Product Information

  • OPTASE® Cooling Mask is a reusable mask that helps to relieve inflammation, due to seasonal allergies, and Dry Eye symptoms such as itchy, red, watery eyes and eyelids.
  • Using the Mask provides cooling relief by normalising the patient's blood flow and reducing inflammation.
  • The Cooling Mask is soft and comfortable to wear, and contains HydroCool™ beads which absorb cold energy. This is transferred to patient by applying the mask on the eyes.
  • For best results apply the cold eyemask to closed eyes for 10 minutes per treatment or as recommended by your eye care specialist

Information for healthcare professionals

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Where to buy

OPTASE® products are available at Eye Doctor offices and the following trusted retailers: