HYDRATE: OPTASE® HYLO Night™ Eye Ointment

A preservative free and well tolerated solution to night-time dry eye. Marketed as VitA-POS and HYLO Night™ in Europe. Now available in the US.

Optase Hylo Night Pack Shot

How to use

Gently pull on your lower eyelid. Apply one strip of eye ointment to the gap formed between eye and eyelid. Close your eye and gently blink.

Always read the label and instructions for use.

How it works

  • OPTASE® HYLO Night™ relieves symptoms of burning, itching, dry eyes by forming a comfortable long-lasting protective film on the eyes.
  • OPTASE® HYLO Night™ is a soft and consistent ointment containing Vitamin A as the inactive ingredient to help improve the tear film and protects the surface of the eye.
  • OPTASE® HYLO Night™ is well tolerated and blends well with the existing tear film.
Optase Hylo Night Pack Shot

Product Information

  • Provides up to 6 hours comfort & relief for night-time soothing
  • Eye ointment using light liquid paraffin and Vitamin A as an inactive ingredient
  • Preservative free and phosphate free for frequent use without irritation
  • 6 months sterility from time of opening
  • 300 applications in a 5g tube
  • Always read the label and instructions for use

Information for healthcare professionals

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Where to buy

OPTASE® products are available at Eye Doctor offices and the following trusted retailers: